Thursday, 31 July 2014

Welcome to Black Firefly

Welcome to Black Firefly.

We are here to shed light on your self-publishing journey from beta reading to ensure your manuscript has a solid storyline, to formatting your finished product to be as professional as possible.

We aren't a vanity press, publisher, or right-holder company. We work for YOU the author. We put you in touch with top of the line editors, cover artists, and designers all to turn your document into a book.

We are currently undergoing a business handover and accepting very few new clients, but from the 10th September 2014 we'll  be running at full power with even better services, such as:

Personal assistance
Beta Reading
Cover Design
Promotional Images
Uploading to sales sites on your behalf
Running giveaways
Helping with Swag
Uploading to advertising sites
Structured help on all topics of self-publishing

Thank you